A real extra virgin olive oil, healthy and fresh as they all should be.

Behind the scenes of the Occhiolino project

Producing a real good olive oil

Because it is not enough to read "first cold pressed" to have a good and authentic olive oil. A real olive oil implies more than that: a concern for the producer, the consumer and the planet, among others.

Occhiolino offers a real olive oil. One that respects the producer's price, one that is not blended, cut or defrauded and one that is natural. Occhiolino is pure olive juice.

This project was initiated a few years ago with the acquisition of olive plots in Vico del Gargano, Puglia, Italy.

As time went on and the harvests came in, the realization that our oil deserved to be shared pushed me to start marketing. It was with the last harvest in October 2019 that Occhiolino was unveiled to the public.

The history of Occhiolino

Transparency is one of the pillars of the Occhiolino project. Everything starts from the fact that today the quality of olive oil has suffered too much. It is time to give it back its letters of nobility and this requires more transparency in one of the most fraudulent industries in Europe. Engaging in this "fight" is not the easiest way, but we are convinced that it is the only way that can lead to the production of a real good olive oil.

Product quality and purity are other values that are dear to the Occhiolino project.

Occhiolino is nourished by a sense of social and environmental responsibility. Social, because the human being is at the heart of the project as producer and consumer of this fabulous product. Environmental, because Occhiolino depends directly on a local ecosystem.

The Occhiolino project is not only about olive oil. It's about disconnecting, going back to simple things, enjoying the moment, cooking, getting together, having a good time, rediscovering the pleasure of taste.

The Occhiolino spirit

Our olive oil

Occhiolino, an authentic Italian olive oil, truly extra virgin, totally natural and insanely good.
Since the 2020 harvest, Occhiolino olive oil is certified organic.

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