What is Occhiolino?

Occhiolino is a virgin olive oil produced in Gargano, Italy. The olive trees (Leccino and Ogliarola) are very old, more than 300 years for some. These olive trees did not wait for Occhiolino to arrive to produce olives. Since Occhiolino was born, this olive oil, so fresh and so good, is available to the public.  

Why Occhiolino?

In an industry that suffers from repeated frauds, or at least dubious practices, Occhiolino does everything possible to respect this product, the olive oil. Occhiolino is committed to transparency and quality: producing genuine extra virgin olive oil involves sacrifices. Occhiolino is ready to make them in order to offer its consumers an olive oil that respects them, their community and the planet.

How much does it cost?

Occhiolino olive oil tries to have a correct price that correctly remunerates all the parties that contribute to it: from the picker to the distributor, in short all the links of the value chain.

Where to find Occhiolino?

Occhiolino is available either online or in about twenty points of sale.
The list of outlets can be found here. To order online, click here.

Is Occhiolino organic?

Yes, certified organic (BE-BIO-02)

How to keep Occhiolino?

Olive oil fears light, heat and oxygen. Therefore, it should be kept as far away from these threats as possible in a cupboard. The Occhiolino bottle is dark, which protects it quite well from the sun's rays. For a better conservation, it is better to isolate it completely. The Bag-In-Box, on the other hand, completely protects the oil from oxygen and sunlight. Indeed, the oil is kept under vacuum in a plastic bag (recyclable).

What is the best before date?

In theory, an oil can be kept for 18 months. This is the legal shelf life of an olive oil. Occhiolino, on the other hand, has a use-by date of 12 months. Why such a difference? Occhiolino is 100% natural and unfiltered, which makes it fragile over time. To take full advantage of its chemical and organoleptic properties, we recommend consuming the oil within 12 months of harvest. Although the oil will still be consumable after this date, it will begin to diminish in quality. We want our customers to taste the olive oil in the best conditions.

Do you deliver to my home?

Occhiolino's online sale allows you to receive your bottle or other products directly at your home, at your door. Different means of transport are available to meet your needs.

Is it possible to subscribe?

Not yet.

How does the return policy work?

Please contact Occhiolino at the following e-mail address: guillaume@occhiolino.be to proceed with the return of the items.

Can I cook with OCCHIOLINO olive oil?

Yes, thoroughly! It is an extra virgin oil, so it is a more "stable" oil that resists heat better. On the other hand, beyond 180°/200°, it starts to reach its smoke point, temperature at which it becomes toxic.
It's a belief that you have to reserve a good oil for seasoning/accompaniment (a good oil is often more expensive and so you want to keep it where you'll taste its quality), yet a good oil resists heat better, so it's ideal for cooking as well 😉 Bon app!