So many things in one bottle. Succo is a lemonade, thousands of cocktails and your new secret ingredient in the kitchen. Let your creativity flow. It's a surprisingly subtle alcohol-free blend of lemon, honey and ginger to create a thousand and one drinks and more.

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Ingredients, and not just any ingredients. Lemon, when it's in season, we bring tons of it to produce Limoncello. We have to zest all that. Then, once they are all naked, we press them and extract the juice that constitutes the base of the Succo. Then we add honey. The one that François produces with José Artus, a beekeeper from the Ardennes (Ferrières). Unfortunately it is not certified organic which prevents our Succo from being so. Finally, we press some organic ginger roots from Peru. A few drops per bottle to give this delicate touch but which confers all the power of Succo.



A pure fruit of chance the Succo. The production of Limoncello was launched. We zest kilos and kilos of it. But what to do with these wonderful zested lemons? Give them to pastry chefs for their lemon pie? That's what we did at first. Then one day I had the idea to make something with them myself. I wanted a non-alcoholic Limoncello. But there was no way to find the zest flavors in the juice. So I changed my mind. And after a few (sometimes dubious) mixtures, the divine Succo recipe was born. 


We collaborate with several companies in Liège to make Succo. The lemons are pressed by us (in season) in our workshop. The ginger is made by Paulette (cold-pressed juice manufacturer). And the Atelier Constant Berger takes care of putting it all together and bottling it all in Battice.  


See the Recipes page for some cocktail ideas. But we invite you to be creative. Succo is a fairly strong product that is meant to be diluted. For example in sparkling water to make lemonade, we recommend diluting one part Succo in 4 to 5 parts sparkling water.

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