The Limoncello Occhiolino is a refreshing, organic, handmade limoncello made from our PGI Femminello del Gargano lemons. To share with those who matter.

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A variety of IGP and organic lemon with a very aromatic peel

We are lucky to have, in our Garden of Eden in Puglia, lemons of an exceptional variety: Femminello del Gargano. This is a Protected Geographical Indication lemon that can only be found in Gargano. It happens to have a particularly aromatic peel. For as long as they have been growing, they have been made into Limoncello. Occhiolino has slightly adapted the traditional recipe: more lemon, less sugar and a unique alcohol-sugar balance.

Twice as sweet for twice the pleasure

We wanted a Limoncello that was less sickening, more balanced and more refreshing. Here it is.

Zested by hand and handcrafted in Belgium

We bring the lemons back to our workshop in Liège. We zest everything by hand, using an "ingenious" system that turns the lemon and allows us to zest kilos and kilos. After a long maceration in alcohol and a clever mixture of sugar and water, the Limoncello Occhiolino is bottled in our workshop in Liège.

Made with love




The Femminello lemon is a PGI variety found only in a small area called "oasis agrumaria" in the Gargano. This exceptional fruit has a very aromatic peel with a lot of essential oil, but with a less aggressive aroma, as can often be sensed with other lemons. It is ideal for the production of Limoncello.


From January to June, it's the Femminello lemon season, we travel once a month to bring a few hundred kilos to our workshop in Liège. All the transformation takes place in our workshop: cleaning, zesting, maceration, bottling, and labeling.


Pure or in a cocktail, one thing is for sure, Limoncello Occhiolino is to be shared with the people who matter. It will make an excellent aperitif, mixed in a cocktail (see our Recipes page) and a sublime digestive to finish the meal.

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